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Our mission is to provide easy-to-use yet methodologically sound tools for understanding well-being and opportunity in America and to stimulate fact-based dialogue about the issues we all care about.

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Fay Jones School Hosts Cooper Hewitt Exhibition 'By the People: Designing a Better America' Through Dec. 16

To orient the visitor, the complexities of poverty, prosperity, innovation and design in the United States will be addressed in an introductory section that will feature a captivating video by Cassim Shepard, an interactive data visualization, "Mapping the Measure of America" and graphics that chart social and economic inequalities. —  University of Arkansas Newswire September 7, 2017

Food deserts limit access to healthy foods for low-income people

While other factors likely also weigh in, according to soon-to-be-published data from Measure of America, a project of the nonprofit Social Science Research Council, the Colorado Springs life expectancy gap between the area with the lowest concentration of poverty, in this case, north Springs, and the area with the highest concentration of poverty, south Springs, is 16.1 years. —  Colorado Springs Independent September 6, 2017