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Dr. Clif Cleaveland

“While preparing a recent newspaper column on science and mathematics education in public schools, I chanced upon the very helpful website, The analysis and presentation of data is excellent at this site, which I have visited several times since.”

–Dr. Clif Cleaveland, Contributor to the Chattanoonga Times Free Press

Evelyn R. Walker

“The information in the Measure of America report, A Portrait of Mississippi, has been invaluable during my preparation for an upcoming presentation on Health Equity in Mississippi. This very informative depiction of Mississippi’s health, educational and economic data has provided me with an important resource for telling the story of health disparities in our state. The Human Development Index, a measure of our state’s composite deficits in these areas, relays the urgency to reach beyond biologic factors to address health disparities and inequities.

— Evelyn R. Walker, MD, MPH, MS State Department of Health

Kimberly Miller

“While at Oxfam America, I was involved in two studies with Measure of America, the Portraits of Mississippi [and] Louisiana. They provided such an important baseline for discussion and advocacy…Legislators also used these documents to prepare their own briefs on a number of issues that supported their own legislative efforts and a prominent local advocate for low-income and minority citizens told us the Portrait of Mississippi was one of Oxfam’s greatest legacies on the Gulf Coast.” Read more–>


Henry Gascon

“We’re currently working with some of the United Ways offices to address some of the Human Development Index disparities listed in A Portrait of California. Having this breakdown affords us the ability to speak further on a local level. Thanks for your partnership and the great work you and your team are doing!”

Henry Gascon Manager, Program & Policy Development, United Ways of California

Stephen North

Measure of America is a great example of a leading edge application that employs visualization to enable access to information, exploration and understanding in complex data sets. We see this as an emerging area of technology that makes it possible for people who are not database experts to perform significant analysis and visualization.”

— Stephen North, Executive Director, Information Visualization Research, AT&T Shannon Laboratory

Bobbi Bilnoski

“I am a strategic planning consultant and will be assisting my new clients in transitioning from a government commission to a sustainable nonprofit. A Portrait of Louisiana is setting the context of what’s going on in the state and where the community needs may lie.”

— Bobbi Bilnoski, President & CEO, Concinnity Network

Joanna Greenlee

I stumbled upon your website while working on a project and what I found was PERFECT!…thank you for putting this website together. You have saved me a lot of time and have given me a lot of information so that I have been able to produce my own charts for my presentation.”

Joanna Greenlee, National Beef Packing Company LLC

Barbara Clifton Zarate

“As a Trustee of the Marin Community Foundation, and as a native to the County of Marin, I cannot say enough about the tremendous impact the Portrait of Marin has created here. Almost daily I get insight to enlightened conversations and new opportunities that are influenced by the findings. Many agencies and community groups have put to service the report and are using it to create change…Thank you Measure of America for your amazing expertise and an excellent report!”

— Barbara Clifton Zarate, Trustee, Marin Community Foundation 

Fred Silverman

“We have been practically deluged with emails about the success of our event and the important role the Portrait of Marin report can have on addressing disparities in Marin…Our Trustees are extremely proud of how this moment reflects on the goals and mission of the Foundation.” Read more ->

– Fred Silverman, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Marin Community Foundation.

Sylvia A. Allegretto

The maps and charts are a quick and accurate way to get a lot of information that is in an intuitive and readable format. I sometimes use it to check against my own data and research and other times to check on my understanding of certain demographic trends and aspects of our country.”

 — Sylvia A. Allegretto, PhD, Institute for Research on Labor & Employment at the University of California, Berkeley