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Our mission is to provide easy-to-use yet methodologically sound tools for understanding well-being and opportunity in America and to stimulate fact-based dialogue about the issues we all care about.

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Brooklyn Community Services Produces Short Documentary Video "Breaking the Stigma of Mental Illness"

Grants of $10,000 were awarded to 14 New York City nonprofits, to enable them to illuminate, explore and offer solutions to local problems, using Measure of America's DATA2GO.NYC, a free, online data mapping and visualization tool. —  Benzinga February 15, 2017

Demography In Action: Auspicious Developments

But Measure for America uses a modified form of HDI, which it calls the American Human Development Index (AHDI). This measure also focuses on health, education, and income, but takes advantage of more precise statistical readings available in the United States to incorporate sharper indicators... In Lower Manhattan, all three axes of measurement are off the charts. —  The Broadsheet February 6, 2017